[Guest Post! New Magic Item] Wand of Proficient Lockpicking by Jim Wampler

Wand of Proficient Lockpicking

This invaluable wand was created by an ancient magic-user/thief who once roamed the multiverse, and who’s name has since been lost to the mists of time. Usable by either magic-users or thieves, this propitous device will open locks and find/remove traps at the same ability level as a 12th level thief. Because of the other-worldly nature of the device, it’s percentage chances of success do not stack with any natural abilities of the possessor, as in the case of a thief or rogue. Once the possessor has correctly ascertained the wand’s various control settings (which will take a dedicated experimentation period of at least 1d20 hours minus intelligence score), he or she need merely point the wand at a mechanical lock of any type and upon a successful check, the lock will spring open. A second check will need to be made to deactivate any possible traps. Each separate use burns one charge out of the wand, regardless of success or failure. It should be noted that when used, this vociferous device will emit a high-pitch whine easily audible to any creatures within normal hearing distance, making silent lock-picking with the device impossible.

When first discovered, the wand will contain from 20-40 charges. Once these charges have been expended, the wand becomes useless and inert unless it is recharged by a knowledgable wizard of at least 12th level casting ability, who may then reactivate the wand by casting an Audible Glamor spell into the silvery baton, each spell replenishing one charge.

And check out Jim’s comic, Marvin the Mage!

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