[New Magic Item] Dust of Cowardly Weapons

Dust of Cowardly Weapons

The city guards advanced on Valance, calling for the cleric to stop.

“Priest of the Spider God!” called the sergeant of the guardsmen. “Cheating at dice is not allowed in our town. Please come with us.”

Valance mumbled a quick prayer to his deity and turned around to face the city guard. Before they knew what happened the priest blew a handful of strange dust over the men. Several large things could be heard skittering in the shadows behind Valance.

“Now while you struggle with your weapons gentlemen, let me assure you, the dust doesn’t cause any hindrance to my spiders,” the priest said with a wicked grin.

An especially large spider crept forward, venom dripping from its fangs.

The guardsmen turned on their heels and ran. The sergeant point a disapproving finger at the cleric before turning and running for his life as well.

“Get them!”

A half a dozen giant spiders scuttled forward.

Quite a vicious alchemical creation, Dust of Cowardly Weapons is a nasty surprise for many a warrior, city guardsman and assassin. While fairly rare, pouches of this magical dust appear from time to time and command a fair price in magic shoppes and alchemical stores.

Benefit: If Dust of Cowardly Weapons is blown upon a person or creature bearing a weapon that person must make a save versus spell-like devices at -1 or any hand-held (natural weapons are exempt) will refuse to work in battle, either remaining in their sheaths or turning away from any physical conflict. This effect lasts for one turn and affects all weapons before the person using the dust in a cloud 12′ in diameter and 2′ in front of the user. Creatures with 6HD+ receive an average saving throw.

Usable by: Anyone.

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