[New Magic Item] Dagger of Dumbness

Dagger of Dumbness

Koram flinched as the human thief threw the dagger, the weapon glanced off of the fighter’s armor (as if by intention all along) and struck Chalk firmly in the shoulder. He pulled the small blade out and it clattered to the stone floor.

The wizard barked in pain and then tried casting a spell. Valance’s robes suddenly caught on fire, causing dozens of spiders to skitter for safety.

“What in the eleven hells are you doing?” screamed the priest of the Spider God.

“I am suddenly not sure,” the wizard said a bit nervously.

The Dagger of Dumbness is an odd weapon, one that seems to pass through its target, doing no damage. After a few strikes it is apparent that the damage is all mental in nature. A well placed strike with this magical dagger can turn the tide of a battle in a moment. Highly sought after when going up against spellcasters of every stripe.

Benefit: Any successful strike by a Dagger of Dumbness deals no hit point damage, but causes the victim to lose 1d4+2 point of Wisdom or Intelligence (chosen by the wielder of the blade) per strike. It is possible, with only a couple of hits to ruin someone’s day and leave them a babbling idiot and any complex activity, such as spell-casting, becomes quite dangerous to all around.. Wisdom or Intelligence “heal” at a rate of 1d3 points per day, although Limited Wish, Alter Reality and Wish spells will instantly restore the victim’s mental faculties.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Dagger of Dumbness

  1. eltf177 says:

    Something like this can really ruin a spellcasters day…!

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