[New Spell] Gates that Take

Gates that Take

The aged druid strolled slowly into town.

The trees are still coming down, old man, we will build deeper into the woods, whether you like it or not!” one of the woodsmen said.

The old druid nodded and smiled.

Well, what have you to say?” another woodsman asked.

A nearby tree bowed strangely, opening a strange portal into a shadowy realm beyond.


As if suddenly drained of their will to work, the entire village became lazy to a man. The portal closed and the tree returned to its original form.

But you cannot hex us, the fair is next day in Albi!” one of the crones managed to complain.

Maybe you should have thought of that before deciding to bully me!” sneered the druid. “Now your village will fail to prosper and your goods will rot. Let us just hope that there are no bandits in the nearby woods or you will surely fall victim to them!”


Gates that Take (Druid)

Level 4

Range: 100′ + 25′ per level of druid.

Duration: 1d4 days +1 day per level of druid.

The Gates that Take spell is a major invocation, often cast upon a hamlet or village that has been kind to the caster or druids/Nature in general, but this spell may be cast in a smaller area, such as a building within a bustling city. When cast, this spell opens a natural gate between worlds and can be used to channel out some negativity (poverty, fear, malaise, etc) into the Outer Planes, where this usually settles in the Lower Realms. This spell may, however, be used to cast good fortune out into the planes as well, taking things like hope, charity or tidiness and sweeping them out the gate as well (this is thought to cause chill breezes to blow throughout the Lower Planes, giving hope to those who have none). Once the channeling is complete the gate is closed and the next 1d4 days (+1 per level of druid) will be abundantly rich with the opposite of what was taken; i.e. if poverty is gone then merchants will appear with good deals for the allotted time, enriching the area. After this time is up then the area will become neutral and the thing that was taken may grow back in time or not at all, depending on what people do from here on out.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Gates that Take

  1. 5 Stone Games says:

    Thats a really neat folkloric spell, exactly what D&D lacks.


    • bat says:

      Thank you very much! I actually did a lot of research to come up with this one, poking around here and there.

  2. eltf177 says:

    I agree, this is something really unique that can enrich a campaign…

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