[New Spell] Summon Astral Pest

Summon Astral Pest

You are wanting a duel?” Landret Orv asked Stork.

It might be the only way to get those scrolls from you,” replied the sorcerer icily. “I will enjoy prying them from your cold, dead fingers.”

The portly mage Landret Orv adjusted his robes then suddenly cast a spell before Stork was ready. Vistis the Blue Mage gasped behind his heavily lacquered mask as something horrible that looked like a giant flea and a hideous grub materialized behind Stork and tapped his shoulder. The wizard convulsed and grabbed at his head.

Not so many spells now, eh?” chuckled Orv. “Maybe you want to try to steal my scrolls another day?”

Stork staggered off down the streets of the small village, half stooped over, snarling and growling.


Summon Astral Pest (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 30 feet +5 per level of wizard

Duration: Instantaneous.

This vile spell, often used by wizards in duels, conjures a strange creature from the Astral Plane that looks like a large, grotesque combination of grub and flea that usually materializes just behind the mage’s head. With a touch of a grisly leg the monstrous creature causes a magic-user to make a save versus Poison at -1 or suddenly lose 1d4 spells for that day. A successful save still costs one random spell. The next day spellcasting is back to normal. The creature disappears as soon as it touches a spellcaster.

Option: If, for some reason, a non-spellcaster is touched that person loses 1d4 points of Intelligence for the day.

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