[New Spell] Calling the Truce

Calling the Truce


The Scholar of Wexos looked around as he entered the small hamlet and spotted Valance sitting like royalty among a gathering of merchants.

“Are we going to join the others or not?” the illusionist asked the priest of the Spider God.

“In a moment, just tending to some affairs,” Valance replied calmly.

Moments later the two were walking down a trail that left the small village.

“That sounds like quite a different spell for you to be casting,” commented the Scholar of Wexos.

“Ah, but at fifteen percent tithe going to the temple of the Spider God and five percent going to me…” Valance explained.

The illusionist threw a hand up in the air.

“I’ve heard enough! Now it all makes perfect sense to me!”


Calling the Truce (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Special, see below

Duration: One week + one day per level of cleric.

When a priest or priestess casts Calling the Truce he or she is causing an area (hamlet for 3rd or 4th level clerics, village for 5th and 6th level clerics and towns for 7th + level clerics) to be called under a general truce, in which all warring factions in the affected area must make a save versus spells at -3 to continue their conflict. These days of relative peace are often used to settle disputes, exchange prisoners or trade goods or to see friends and family that are divided by the battle. While there can still be violence not directly related to the current war in the area (or perpetuated by those who make their saving throw) the area is generally peaceful and all who enter the area after the spell is cast are also subject to a saving throw. Some merchants work with clerics to maximize their profits by selling items to both sides during this forced peace while some nobles are angered at a halt in a given war.

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