[New Magic Item] Horn of Hounds

Horn of Hounds

Tulko the human thief looked over at Nudge the gnome thief in exasperation as an alarm gong sounded.

Let’s go!” urged the gnome.

Where are your friends?” Tulko asked in a panic.

In the clearing in that stand of trees yonder,” Nudge answered.

As the two thieves were almost to the thicket of pines a loud horn rang out. Within moments a baying of great hounds could be heard.

The thieves entered the trees with the war dogs in close pursuit.

Spiders, Valance, hurry!” the gnome yelled before they even came upon the encampment. “Lots of big spiders!”

Coming right up!” came a muffled response.

A simple curved horn of silver and bone, a Horn of Hounds is sometimes found in the possession of a nobleman or his best huntsman or captain of the guard. Some rangers have been known to bear these as well as bandit kings.

Benefit: When a Horn of Hounds is winded it will summon 1d6 war dogs with maximum hit points that can track with 85% efficiency, will follow the commands of the bearer of the magical horn and will remain for 1 hour per level of the user of the horn (with a minimum of 1 hour for 0 level characters). The DM/GM/LL may also roll a d6 each time the horn is sounded, on a roll of 5-6 the following are summoned instead, according to alignment, but will otherwise follow the summoner’s commands and remain for the same length of time as war dogs:

Lawful (or Good): 1d4 Blink Dogs with maximum hit points.

Neutral: 1d4 Giant Hyenas with maximum hit points.

Chaotic (or Evil): 1d4 Hell Hounds with maximum hit points.

Usable by: Anyone.

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