[New Magic Item] Shroud of Shamans

Shroud of Shamans

Chalk slipped quietly into the room of the shabby inn and saw a figure he presumed to be Valance, wrapped in a strange gauze and tinkering with a bottle.

What strange webbing is that?” the wizard asked.

It is a magic shroud. I happened upon it,” Valance replied.

I am sure, and there is another cadaver lying about somewhere,” Chalk said.

Valance grinned under the magical gauze.

What are you doing with that bottle?” inquired the wizard.

Well, with this thing on I can make more spells, and if I bury this bottle in the right place there will be undead crawling all over and these peasants are going to need rescuing,” replied the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk laughed.

Who is going to save them from us?”

The Shroud of Shamans is a thin, almost insubstantial garment, that completely covers a body and almost makes one look as if they are a mummy in gray wrappings. With such an unimpressive appearance this treasure is often overlooked, but those in the know snap these magic items right up.

Benefit: Any spellcaster that dons this magical shroud may, once per day, cast the following spells in addition to any other magic as a 7th level Cleric: Animate Dead, Raise Dead, Bottle of Spirits, Cadaver Eyes and Cadaver Travel (these last three spells can be found on this blog). Note that intelligent undead (such as vampires) find this magic item repulsive and will attacking anyone wearing it upon sight.

Usable by: Spellcasting classes.

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