[New Spell] Curse of Three Giants

Curse of Three Giants


Chalk and the other laughed merrily and drank a little too much in the Silver Toad Tavern. The smoky room was sparsely populated and the tavernkeep kept the drinks and food coming. Then a heavy thud could be heard outside. Koram began his story about his weregoat uncle. The tavernkeeper wiped his hands on his apron and went to peek out the door. The man fainted. I horribly loud yell could be heard outside.

“I think that was your name,” Valance said to Koram.

The fighter laughed and got up to peek out of a grimy window nearby. A huge hand broke through the window and grasped at Koram.

Chalk flipped the table over and began mumbling a spell.

“A giant?” asked the Scholar of Wexos. “Here?”

“Obviously looking for someone, and obviously that someone is Koram,” Chalk replied.

Koram struggled out of the grasp of the marauding giant.

“I think we can take down a hill giant,” the fighter exclaimed. “And then everything goes back to peace and quiet.”

“I am not so sure,” said the Scholar of Wexos. “These things are rarely ended so easily.”



Curse of Three Giants (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 30 feet +10′ per level of caster

Duration: Every other day until all three giants have tried to claim their victim (5 days).

The Curse of Three Giants is a powerful curse used against those who have committed some dastardly deed, although braggarts have found themselves at the wrong end of this curse from time to time. The first day of the curse a Hill Giant with 8HD seeks out the cursed person for combat. If he or she survives and cannot remove the curse two days later a Frost Giant with 10HD will come looking for the cursed party, using all at their disposal to defeat them. If the curse is still not removed then two days later a Fire Giant with 12 HD appears and begins hunting down the cursed person, and will not stop until the Fire Giant or the cursed one is dead or somehow the curse is removed (by this time many try to have the curse taken away). After five days, if the Fire Giant is defeated or hidden well enough from, the curse is lifted and any remaining giants depart.

Option: For a less difficult challenge, a bugbear, an ogre and then a troll may be substituted into a “Three Brute Curse” instead.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Curse of Three Giants

  1. trey says:

    Awesome! For those occasions when a ONE giant curse just won’t do…

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