[New Spell] Forest of Spears

Forest of Spears

Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage had been hounding the steps of the wizard Zorthis for days, the latter was feeling fatigued and getting desperate, knowing he was being followed, but not catching a good glimpse of his pursuers. At the next town, a rundown and shabby looking place Zorthis hired a few of the rougher looking warriors.

Bring spears, make sure to have a few,” he told them as he handed out a few coins for them to buy gear for a trip into the Wilds.

A couple of nights later, deep in the woods, Stork and Vistis attacked, but Zorthis was ready, he cast a spell that caused dozens and dozens of wickedly sharp spears to rise from the ground, much to the astonishment of both his enemies and allies.

I did not know he had this in him!” Stork proclaimed to Vistis. “I must admit that this is rather clever, but nonetheless, we will wring the knowledge of the Dead Wizard’s Tower from him in time.”

With a loud hiss Stork retreated into the dark trees, Vistis right behind him. The spears shined eerily in the blaze of the warrior’s torches.


Forest of Spears (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 10 feet per level of caster

Duration: 2 turns + 1 turn per level of caster.

To cast this spell a magic-user must have a spear at hand to stick the blunt end into the ground, then the spell is cast. A circle 5′ in diameter is then surrounded by a ring of sharp spears 10′ thick per level of the casting wizard. These magically created spears stand up to 12′ tall and may fall into the ground and raise at the whim of the caster, creating a dangerous barrier that deals 2d6+4 points of damage per 10′ trodden on. Missile attacks into the center ring are at -1 per 20′ of spears (maximum -3) as long as the spears in the path of the shooter are up and not lower than the bow, crossbow, etc unless one means to lob a missile over the spears, in which case the firer is -2 to strike. The original spear is consumed during the spell’s duration. Each spear can take 4 points of damage before breaking and it is possible to hack through these spears or burn them with a fireball or similar spell.

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6 Responses to [New Spell] Forest of Spears

  1. eltf177 says:

    I’m not sure what the “10′ thick per level” reference means. Does this mean one 5′ radius for each level of the caster (i.e. a 5th level wizard can create either five 5′ radius areas or one area up to a 25′ radius or two or more areas so long as the total is no more than a 25′ radius?)? If the former I would think five spears would be required, if only one area then only one spear.

  2. bat says:

    Sorry, I am not always absolutely clear with descriptions. Looking from the top, there would be a 5′ radius that was free of any spears. Each level of caster would create a 10′ barrier. So looking down this would look like a doughnut shape with the hole in the center getting smaller for every 10′ that the spears radiated from this hub. You could up the amount of spears required for the spell if that makes more sense to you, I was offering a spear as something to carry around as a material component. Upon reflection a 10′ spear free center with radiating 5′ increments of spears per level probably makes more sense.

    • eltf177 says:

      That makes sense, space in the middle for hiding in – although I think the circle _appears_ smaller rather than actually getting smaller. I was also thinking this would be a _very_ useful spell for creating a wall of spears instead of a circle for armies. You could use them to block areas and funnel the enemy towards where you want them. I can even see somebody casting this _behind_ foes, leaving them no retreat! This would also be useful in siege situations as well, but not so much as it takes energy to keep the barrier up.

      • bat says:

        You came up with some excellent ideas there. I like seeing people taking these things and running with them.

  3. eltf177 says:

    Thanks, this really is a useful spell that has a lot of potential.

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