[New Spell] Mishatched Egg

Mishatched Egg

What are we going to do with that?” Chalk asked Knat.

The druidess patted the newly hatched griffon on the head.

We could…” the began.

We could sell it!” Valance interjected. “There is always some elf hero that wants to ride one of those into battle. I bet there is good coin in that!”

True,” replied Knat. “We could sell it. Or we could…”

We could eat it!” Koram commented. “It is bigger than what would have come out of the original chicken egg already.”

You know, I was the one that cast the spell, may I have a say here?” Knat asked.

I say we keep it and train it ourselves.”

Everyone groaned.

Do you know what it will cost to feed that thing in a few months?” Valance asked.

Probably no more than those titanic spiders you think you are hiding from the rest of us,” countered the druidess.

The priest of the Spider God slump over the table. Tiny spider skittering out of his sleeves.


Mishatched Egg (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Until triggered

With this spell a druid may take an ordinary egg (from a chicken, for example) and cause it to transform into another type of creature that is hatched from an egg that has been laid. The caster may try to hatch a dragon from a hen’s egg or vice versa. When cast the egg immediately transforms to appear like an egg of the desired creature and a d4 is rolled:

1d4 result:

1 Egg hatches as desired.

2 Egg hatches as desired.

3 Unexpected result, roll on table below.

4 Egg hatches as desired.

1d6 result (note this might end with the desired creature):

1 A griffon hatches from the egg.

2 A hippogriff is the result.

3 A random dragon hatches.

4 From the egg springs a dragon turtle.

5 A random hydra hatches.

6 1d6+4 full adult kobolds spring from the egg.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Mishatched Egg

  1. trey says:

    Inventive as always! So is the transformed egg ready to hatch at that point, regardless of if it was originally or not?

    • bat says:

      I would say ready to hatch in the goofy/gonzo way that magic can work, you may prefer the tension of making people wait to see what hatches.

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