[New Spell] Resist Rest

Resist Rest

Valance tapped Koram on the arm and sent the fighter off running into the trees and then turned to rejoin the others.

He will get the message to Oyude in a couple of days and hopefully they will send reinforcements here, Koram can travel without rest for days. Although my plan with the spiders seemed pretty sound too,” the cleric said.

I did not know that you had that kind of magic!” Chalk commented to the priest of the Spider God.

With all of the spiders around? And my habit of cheating at gambling? Are you kidding me?” Valance replied.


Resist Rest (Divine)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This cleric spell is either cast upon oneself or another individual causing the recipient to operate normally for one day per level of the casting cleric without sleep or rest of any kind. Natural healing still occurs and daily spells are recovered normally. Normally this spell is used for dire consequences (someone needs to keep watch or travel a long distance in as brief a time as possible). If this spell is cast upon someone more than three times in one month that person loses 1d4 points of Constitution, regained at one point per week.

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