[New Spell] Astral Tether

Astral Tether

The mercenary Bakra-do felt the most intangible of snares as it wrapped almost imperceptibly around one of his feet. Distrusting wizards in general the cunning fighter pretended that nothing was amiss but kept on his guard. Without hesitation the sellsword descended into a nearby ancient ruin, silently creeping down the timeworn stairs and into the darkness below. Bakra-do removed his swords and waited in the darkness. Moments later he heard the sound of shuffling from the world above and smiled coldly to himself.

He must be near.”

Two blades slashed from the shadows, one on either side of the wizard’s neck.

What do you want?” snarled the mercenary as he looked upon a trio of young magic-users.

We-we-we would like to hire you!” stammered the lead wizard as he struggled to look into Bakra-do’s eyes.

The mercenary smiled and put his swords away. He was getting low on coins.

Then we will talk!” the sellsword said, much to the relief of the three wizards. “But be advised that there are easier ways of getting my attention than casting such magic upon me as you did!”


Astral Tether (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 30′ + 10′ per level of wizard.

Duration: One turn per level of magic-user.

With this spell a magic-user is able to cast a nearly imperceptible ‘line’ of Astral material at any living creature (all undead are exempt from this spell) and the target has a 5% chance (+ 5% for every 3HD that the target has) of noticing this subtle magic. If it goes unnoticed it is possible to keep track of the target of the spell with 100% accuracy as long as both parties remain on the same plane for the duration of the spell, any extra-planar travel negates the spell. Be advised that some creatures may not let slip that they are aware that they are being tracked…

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