[New Spell] Tapstone Trap

Tapstone Trap

Valance winced as a stone near him exploded suddenly, sending small shards of magical energy at him. The wince became a growl.

How many wizards were in that troupe?” asked the priest of the Spider God. “That is the third time that has happened!”

Six, I think,” replied Koram.

Where is that gnome?” Valance asked.

Here!” squeaked the gnome from the back of the group.

Well stop stuffing your face and get up here and do your job before I find a special spider, just for you!” grumbled the cleric.


Tapstone Trap (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Touch.

Duration: Three turns.

This spell creates a quick magical trap that is most often cast ‘on the run’ or while being pursued. A wizard simply touches a stone, rock or other object and causes that object to become a trap with either a thin, fine magical ‘tripwire’ or ‘motion sensor’ which will release magical shards that deal 1d4+2 damage. Chance to detect is 1 in 6 due to its magical nature. This magical trap lasts for two turns (20 minutes) then the magic dissipates.

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