[New Spell] Deified Cloak

Deified Cloak

One of the town guards squinted into the distance.

What is it?” asked the other guard.

I thought I saw something by the ruins over yonder, but I must be mistaken.”

Silently a figure crept up to the town guards.

With a hiss Valance released hundreds of spiders from his enchanted robe, all of these creeping arachnids advanced on the guards.

Well, that is one way to get us into Cobble,” Chalk remarked.

The priest of the Spider God laughed as the guards scrambled to free themselves of spiders.

Chalk frowned at Valance as he and the others sneaked passed the town’s gate.

Make enough noise cackling like that and you will give us away!” snapped Chalk.

Valance pouted and joined the others.


Deified Cloak (Divine)

Level 2

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: One hour per level of cleric.

When this spell is cast upon an ordinary cloak (usually hooded) the priest or cleric enchants the garment to allow the cloak to function in many different ways, and these options can be changed during the duration of the spell, taking one round of time to affect a change. For example, a priest or cleric can use the enchanted cloak to bear a symbol or image of the caster’s chosen deity, or to act as magical camouflage, blending into the background (20% chance to notice), or to shed the elements (becoming waterproof or fireproof or becoming a small shelter that avoids being crushed by the earth). Only one of these can be used at a time, but any of these may be used to save the cleric’s life to allow them to further the cause of their deity.

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