[New Magic Item] Jarmor


 “Whatever happened to those suspicious looking gnomes that you were talking to earlier?” Valance asked Nudge. “Your shifty kind are always up to no good.”

Nudge shrugged and produced a wry smile.

Chalk laughed.

“You are one to talk,follower of the Spider God!” the wizard commented.

“But you know I am up to no good!” protested Valance. “I don’t hide it…wait, did that jar move over there?”

Everyone looked over to see a strange looking jug standing not too far away.

Nudge coughed.

“A few spiders will sort this out,” snarled Valance.

“No! No! I mean no trouble!” squeaked a voice from within the jar.

The clay vessel shook a little from side to side then popped open, revealing a gnome.

“I am just following Nudge, in case he needs a hand!” protested the strangely armored gnome.

“I knew it!” sneered Valance. “I knew you gnomes were up to no good!”

The smaller folk (halfings, gnomes and sometimes dwarfs) often miss out on the great magical armor due to their stature. Humans and elves snap up the magical suits of plate armor and leave the smaller folk annoyed. A sympathetic wizard created Jarmor as an answer to this dilemma: enchanted jugs and jars that blend into many settings well and act as magical armor at the same time. In some cases this armor has been made for bigger folk, but as it often stands out it is not always popular for its obfuscating magic. Note that if gnomes and halflings can wear this armor so can goblins, kobolds, spriggans and other little terrors.

Benefit: When Jarmor is worn the wearer, if standing completely still, looks like a large stationary jar or jug, the magic of this armor makes an unmoving wearer hard to detect as long as no observer is looking directly at the jug or jar (15% chance to detect due to its magical nature, even if in an out of the way place). Anyone removing the lid of a set of Jarmor will cause the wearer to lift their head as the lid is the helmet of the armor, but the person will be unseens; the vessel appears empty. Any movement reveals the Jarmor for what it is, weird magical armor that acts as +2 scale mail (AC 6) without the encumbrance penalty, but with the movement penalty still in place. No weapon bigger than an average sword nor shield larger than a buckler can be hidden within the magical vessel. If Jarmor takes more than 25 hit points of damage in a combat it will crack and break, being rendered useless, however if this magical armor takes less than 25 hit points of damage it can easily be mended by using clay and water to patch it up.

Usable by: Anyone that fits the armor.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jarmor

  1. trey says:

    Love it. Exactly the sort thing to demean–uh, protect–small folk.

  2. I like it. I’ll have to slot this into an adventure now 🙂

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