[New Magic Item] Ghost Paint

Ghost Paint

For three nights a mysterious rider haunted the edges of the sleepy town of Cobble, on the fourth night the horse and rider, both glowing a strange soft green color, raced into town and rode through several buildings, as if looking for someone.

This, of course, got the entire town into an uproar, with many fleeing into the nearby woods.

Seeming to find his quarry, the rider urged his horse to stroll through the walls of a local inn.

“Priest of the Spider God!” the mounted figure howled.

Valance looked up from his card game, most everyone at the table was frozen in fright.

“Yes?” Valance replied.

“Time has come to take you back to the Shadowy Realms. Come with me!”

At this many of the patrons fled the building, wanting no part in the coming events.

Valance stood up from the table, gathered all of the coins he could find and then approached the rider who smeared something on the priest’s face and robe. Then Valance was pulled up onto the ghostly horse and the two rode through the wall and off into the night.

“Excellent timing!” Valance commented as he slipped off the horse at the edge of town and got onto his own mount, which had been similarly painted with magical pigment.

“After two or three hours you usually start losing a few rounds,” replied Chalk. “Did this scheme pay off?”

“I think so,” Valance answered as he patted a purse fat with coins. “Although we had better not go anywhere near Cobble for a while!”

Similar to Oil of Etherealness, Ghost Paint is applied to a person and their belongings (including a mount) rendering everything painted ‘ghostly’. Many tribes of orcs and goblins use this magical paint to infiltrate towns and villages and frighten the people therein. Hard to come by and very expensive, Ghost Paint is a valuable commodity.

Benefit: Ghost Paint, when applied to a person and possibly a mount, renders those painted ‘ghostly’ in one round. This state does not render those painted invisible, but does allow them to walk through anything that is not also in an ethereal state. This magical pigment does not need to cover and individual and may be used sparingly, often a few crude markings here and there activates the magic of the Ghost Paint. Those attacked by someone wearing Ghost Paint that do not know about this magical pigment may be afraid to attack back, thinking that they are encountering a ghost or other phantom from the other side (chances to run in fear is 3-6 on 1d6, creatures with 6HD+ are immune to this fear effect). Like a thick oil paint Ghost Paint will retain its magic and ghostly glow for up to three days and must be washed off with soapy water (very unpleasant for creatures like goblins) to remove its physical appearance.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Ghost Paint

  1. That is such an awesome way to use a magic item. Gambling for the win. Hehe. 😀

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