[New Spell] Betrayer’s Blood

Betrayer’s Blood

The king stood shocked, looking at the blood on his own hands from the brutal blow that he had received moments before from a wicked looking mace.

But you…” the king began.

Ah, that,” replied the strange priest. “Yes, I am afraid that you were quite unaware that it is actually I who decide who that spell affects. And I chose that it did not affect me! If only you would have asked me to include myself!”

The king fell to one knee, struggling to stay conscious, but losing the battle.

And now I will assume your kingdom in the name of the Dread Gods of Chaos!” the cleric hissed as the king fell dead to the ground.


Betrayer’s Blood (Divine)

Level 2

Range: 30 feet + 10 feet per level of cleric

Duration: One day.

This spell is cast by priests and clerics to determine who will or plans to, betray a certain person. When cast all those designated by the cleric in the range of the spell receive a a saving throw versus spells at -2 or have their blood turned a deep red so dark as to appear black. Many priests cast this spell with a flourish and a bit of the dramatic, demanding nothing more than a pinprick to prove one’s ability or intention to betray a certain subject. Quite popular among some kings and queens are those priests that can cast this spell. Anyone neutral or even just disliking the subject will not have their blood change color, one needs to be convinced that they will do something to betray the subject of spell.

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