[New Spell] By Nest and Hive

By Nest and Hive

Ten-Blade the thief whistled softly.

Before Stork knew what was happening there were angry hornets swarming all around him. The sorcerer snarled and began mumbling a spell.

The thief threw three blades before Stork could freeze the vicious insects. The wizard had been struck by two of the daggers. Stork glared.

I have seven more blades on me,” Ten-Blade said matter-o-factly. “Or you can tell me why you are following us.”

A shadowy robed figure seemed to materialize beside the thief.

Tell us what you want!” demanded this second figure, female.

I am looking for signs of a wizard called Chalk and his companions, I have a debt to settle,” replied Stork.

The thief retrieved another four blades that were concealed on his person.

Stork looked confused.

Then we are going to slow you down, nobody messes with my family,” Ten-Blade said with an evil smile.


By Nest and Hive (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 30 feet + 5 feet per level of druid

Duration: 5 minutes per level of druid.

If a druid has a bee’s hive or hornet’s nest at hand he or she can command the inhabitants to hibernate in the hive until needed and then swarm to attack up to 1d6 foes for 1d4 points of stinging and biting damage per round. Those being attacked or distracted by these flying insects are -2 to strike in combat. Each ‘tamed’ hive may be used three times before the bees or hornets are exhausted.

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