[New Magic Item] Horn of the Lower Planes

Horn of the Lower Planes

This guy is hard to capture, it is like he has a bag of tricks or something!” lamented Koram as he and the others chased the strange human into the ancient ruins.

A horn was winded, it was a strange and sickly sound, suddenly all manner of insect crept and crawled and flew at the adventurers.

Okay, maybe we let this one get away,” suggested Chalk.

Valance murmured a prayer and suddenly spiders erupted from everywhere and attacked the insects.

With out coins!” snapped the priest of the Spider God. “It took a lot of cheating at dice and cards to amass that amount of money!”

The horn sounded again, a strange, wailing cry. Hooves could be heard approaching, along with a sinister tinge to the air. A great dark horse appeared in the ruins, flames wreathing its nostrils and hooves.

On second thought, I can just win that all back again somewhere else,” Valance said.

Given to agents of the Lower Planes to help them in their tasks on the Material Plane, a Horn of the Lower Planes keeps sinister character alive and well to complete their missions in harsh conditions and enemy territory. There are rumors that if properly handled by a priest or cleric that this magic item can be changed and work for the powers of good. This magic item resembles a curled goat’s horn.

Benefit: Twice per day this foul horn may be winded to aid the caller. Assistance comes in the form of things such as a day’s worth of rations, a dagger or a simple spell to buy time (the latter is one spell that may help the bearer of the horn and of the same level or lower than this person). Once a week the horn may be used to call forth a warhorse or nightmare to use as a steed, the latter in cases in which a person riding a nightmare would be attacked on sight.

If a cleric or priest of good or law gains possession of the Horn of the Lower Planes he or she may consecrate this foul magic item and convert it to the use of good, in which case the horn will call perform the same way but call forth a unicorn instead of a nightmare. It is said that the Infernal Powers take great offense to this and may send another agent of evil after the holy person who converted the magic item.

Usable by: Anyone evil or chaotic in nature, although, see above.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Horn of the Lower Planes

  1. trey says:

    I’m imagined the horn as weirdly angled, like something out of Ditko’s Dr. Strange.

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