[New Magic Item] Hauntwood Wine

Hauntwood Wine

Where did Chalk go?” Koram asked.

He was here a minute ago, swilling that cheap wine,” replied Valance as a mouse scurried onto the table and began waving its front legs furiously.

Is it trying to say something?”

I don’t know, sounds like a lot of squeaking to me,” answered the priest of the Spider God as he leaned forward.

Now wait, it is saying something. It says…’Don’t drink….the wine.’ from what I can make of it.”

Knat’s eyes opened wide suddenly.

Oh no!”

The druidess put her glass down on the table and disappeared, in her place sat a rather large spider.

Valance and the others chuckled.

The treacherous poisoners of Hauntwood Forest, the Hauntwood Faeries (q.v.) delight in making false labels and insinuating their fiendish libations into a variety of places, from the courts of kings to fine taverns to rundown inns. Whenever possible these wicked fey control the shape that the those who drink their delicious, but poisoned wine.

Benefit: Anyone who drinks the equivalent of one glass of Hauntwood wine must make a saving throw at -2 or be transformed into one of the following for 1d6+2 hours.

  1. Mouse-1 hp, attack is a bite for 1 hp.

  2. Giant rat- as per 1d4 hp, bite does 1d3 damage.

  3. Large spider-1d6+2hp, poisonous bite (+2 to save against) does 1d4 damage, paralyzes for 2 rounds.

  4. Evil Sprite-1d8 hit points, damage is 1d6 with tiny sword or 1d4 with tiny arrows. Arrows are coated with a poison-save vs. Poison at -2 or suffer effects of Sleep spell.

Those who are changed retain their intelligence but are in every other way like the creatures above. Note that the transformed are -2 to strike a Hauntwood Fairy while in these forms and these dreadful fey can determine the shape taken as well, instead of it being random. These fey can also extend the duration of the transformation.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Hauntwood Wine

  1. trey says:

    Exactly the sort of thing an adventure will hate–leading to a whole adventures around hunting down the Hauntwood fairies. Good stuff.

    • bat says:

      Which is what I love doing, making things more complicated and expanding a world for the group. Hauntwood is a place that can be tucked away anywhere, but hosts all sorts of evils.

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