[New Magic Item] Dread Headsman’s Ax

Dread Headsman’s Ax

Norbka the Brave held the ancient ax in both hands, admiring the smooth oak haft. His breath deepened as thoughts of carnage and battle swept over his mind.

Lord Norbka?” inquired a voice barely noticed by the warlord.

Norbka turned to see a blacksmith’s apprentice standing before him.

Yes, whelp?”

Would you like your ax sharpened before battle?”

A surge of dark thoughts raced through Norbka’s head. Without thought he lashed out, slicing the young man nearly in half.

No, lad, it is sharp enough. Bring on those filthy orcs!”

This vicious ax has a long haft attached to a wicked blade. Passed down for untold ages from one executioner to another, the Dread Headsman’s Ax was a prized possession of the Kingdom of Drand, which is no more. Looted and pillaged by a variety of marauders, the Dread Headsman’s Ax has been the pride of many a warlord.

Benefit: The Dread Headsman’s Ax gives its wielder +2 to strike in combat and +2 to Strength for three turns (30 minutes) after its first kill in any given melee. This drives some of the owners of the vicious two-handed weapon to develop Bloodlust (45% chance, plus +5% per month the ax is owned) which causes the wielder to rush into combat, heedless of negotiations or truces and even (15% of the time) not recognizing friend or foe once the ax is in hand.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield an ax.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Dread Headsman’s Ax

  1. trey says:

    I could also see this in the hands of a crazed woodsman for more of a horror scenario.

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