[New Magic Item] Goat’s Cape

Goat’s Cape


Chalk and the others watched as the strange black goat strolled into the hamlet and was greeted by the simple peasants. Following the large beast were many hogs, none of which looked wild.

What in the Eleven Hells is going on?” asked Koram.

Valance moved a foot and a sinister spider scuttled from under the cleric’s robes and hurried into the hamlet. It came back some time later and chittered into the priest of the Spider God’s ear.

Apparently one of them found an old stash of treasure with a magical cloak in it and they take turns turning into a large goat and roaming the countryside looking for food,” explained Valance.

With a cloak that turn you into a goat and lets you charm things?” replied Chalk. “I want that thing!”

Nudge the gnome thief sighed.

What do I have to do?” he asked, knowing that another caper was at hand.


There is a bit of speculation among sages and wizards as to the exact origin of the Goat’s Cape, some say it was created in the depths of the shadowy Underworld while others insist that fell druids crafted this magical cloak in the name of more vicious deities of nature and savagery. But they all agree on one thing, each and every one of them would love to get their hands on one of these.


Benefit: Once per day the wearer of this magical cloak may change shape to resemble a giant black goat with 4HD that attacks with two sharp horns for 2d10 points of damage, 2d12+4 on a charging ram attack and run up to 180′ (60′). There is no time limit on this transformation, so a person can theoretically become a goat once per day all day, but the unnerving site of a large dark goat with glowing red eyes often leads to heroes showing up to try to dispatch the beast. Twice per day the Goat’s Cape may be used to Charm Monster as a 7th level magic-user. This power is often used to charm large groups of animals, creatures like goblins or even peasants (0-level NPCs) to do his or her bidding over calling large monsters in, although sometimes an ogre or similar creature is charmed to cause a bit of destruction.


Usable by: Anyone.

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