[New Magic Item] Obsidian Ape of Vorku

Obsidian Ape of Vorku


Peasants and laborers scattered as something broke through the floor of the old inn. A large ape made of dark stone with glowing eyes clawed its way onto the floorboards and scanned the room, locking its gaze with Nudge the gnome thief. The gnome’s jaw dropped, as did his mug of ale.

What is it?” Chalk asked.

Maybe I should not have stolen from that one wizard back in Tormi-Ata,” replied Nudge.

Koram drew his Crystal Sword as the ape cautiously advanced.

We need to figure out how much the gnome costs us compared to how much he brings in,” the fighter snarled.


Chalk shrugged, drained his mug then threw a spell at the obsidian creature.



The sinister wizard Vorku is said to have created this deadly magic item ages ago before his mysterious death at the hands of agents sent from the underworld. There are known to be at least three of these carved stone apes in existence, which appear in out of the way places, sometimes inhabiting old roadside shrines to perpetuate their mischief.


Benefit: A drop of blood binds an Obsidian Ape to a particular individual to perform one task, although these magic items are thought to be possessed by sinister spirits and have been known to move of their own volition. The task performed by an Obsidian Ape is usually destructive or murderous as the spirits inhabiting these stone simians revel and delight in such activities and sometimes add them in to a more routine task at no extra charge.


Obsidian Ape: HD 6; AC 6; Atk: 1 bite or punch (1d8+2); Move 120′ (40′) ; Save F6; XP 360; Special: Tireless, does not need to eat or breathe air.


Usable by: Anyone.

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