[New Spell] Burden Curse

Burden Curse

I’ll be right back!” squeaked Nudge the gnome thief.

Again?” exclaimed Koram. “What is it this time?”

Sick aunt, she needs help or she will be thrown out into the gutter!” replied Nudge as he quickly gathered his things.

That is the third time this week,” Chalk said with a smirk.

I can’t help it! That last time when she got bullied I almost died myself!” the gnome snapped.

Perhaps you should stop pilfering the wrong temples,” suggested the Scholar of Wexos. “You don’t seem to have a lot of luck with that.”

I did not know that the priests were in the temple of Night,” admitted the gnome before he scurried off.


Burden Curse (Cleric/Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and a day or until removed.

This strange curse either summons or creates a life for the cursed one to be responsible for. The burden has 2HD (16 hit points) and fights and saves as a 1st level fighter (1d4 damage). For every hit point of damage that the burden takes the cursed person takes two points of damage. If the burden dies then the cursed one takes another 10 points of damage immediately. Burdens have a tendency to find their way into trouble at inconvenient times and get into trouble over ridiculous things. The cursed person will feel a sense of urgency and a direction for their burden, but will not necessarily know what they are walking into.

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