Announcement: IMP rpg

So Shane Mangus (Swords Against the Outer Dark) and I have been piecing together a game system for our settings for just over two months now. Soon the core rules will be complete and we will move on to releasing our settings and adventures and other support material for the system. Why another game? Well, we wanted to make sure that a system would be released that we know will remain available for good, that won’t be pulled for any reason.  Secondly, after a lot of brainstorming, we wanted a game that was concise, yet had options, old school, but with a lot of ideas from newer games.


We have the rules nearly all done and will be entering Beta very soon.

And so… IMP!

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4 Responses to Announcement: IMP rpg

  1. Art Braune says:

    Cannot wait to see more on this! ;^)

  2. Niels Adair says:

    Bad ass!

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