[New Magic Item] Attractant Elixir

Attractant Elixir

Valance suddenly jerked forward as he felt a trickle of liquid running down his neck. The priest of the Spider God grumbled as he spilled his drink.

Trolls,” was whispered breathlessly in his ear by a female voice.

Valance pounded the table as he got up.

Dalina! Priestess of Locustus! What have you done, witch?”

Mocking laughter was the only reply as the priestess of the Insect God fled the tavern.

What was that all about?” Chalk asked.

Finish your drinks, everyone, we will have company shortly!” snapped Valance.

This rare alchemical potion is also known as ‘Monster Caller’ because anytime it is poured on someone something dreadful usually shows up. First created by the arch-alchemist known only as the ‘Poisoner of Minds’ during the Year of Four Kings this elixir commands good coin when it is on the market.

Benefit: When this potion is poured or splashed upon a target and the name of a monster or creature no more than 2 HD more powerful that the user of this potion is said aloud 1d4 of the named creatures will appear within 1 hour and usually (90% chance) try to do the target harm. These summoned creatures are not bound, however and after dealing with or being driven off by the subject of their sudden ire they may turn upon the one who called them.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Attractant Elixir

  1. trey says:

    A particularly nasty trick to play on a rival, I’d say.

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