[New Magic Item] Sword of Hate

Sword of Hate


The sorcerer Stork negotiated with the rogue warrior.

“Just how deadly is that sword?” the spellbinder asked.

The vicious fighter called one of the ogre bouncers over to the table.


Before the bestial humanoid could react the fighter drew his sword and stabbed it. The creature’s eyes opened wide in shock and pain. The ogre staggered and the fighter lashed out again with the sword.

The ogre fell to the ground, dead. The warrior looked at Stork.

“Will that do the job?”

“Nicely!” Stork said happily, smiling to reveal his shark-like teeth.


One of the fabled Infernal Weapons of the Lower Planes, the Sword of Hate is an impressive looking broadsword that is much lighter than it looks. Often used by champions of Chaos and Discord, the Sword of Hate is an intimidating weapon with horrible powers.

Benefit: Each day the Sword of Hate can have a specific type of enemy spoken to it (‘orc’, ‘troll’, ‘giant’, etc) and for that day the magic weapon grants an extra attack each round against that type of creature or enemy. The sword may also be thrown as a ranged weapon (+1 to strike if thrown) up to 40′ for double damage and it will return two rounds later to its wielder. The Sword of Hate deals 1d8+4 damage.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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