[New Magic Item] Backstabber’s Delight

Backstabber’s Delight


Nudge the gnome thief jumped as he heard the hiss while scampering down the back alley of Bottle.

“Going somewhere?”

The gnome turned and saw the elf rogue glaring at him.


“The very same. Don’t you owe the guild your back dues?”

“I am sure that I am paid up,” replied Nudge.

“Just in case, let’s collect for, say the last three months.”

Nudge drew a dagger and suddenly disappeared.

Now was the elf’s turn to jump. Then groan in pain as a sharp blade stabbed him in the back.

“The next time it will be your throat!” warned the gnome as the elf sagged to the ground in agony.

Nudge started back on his errand, whistling.


A fickle set of daggers scattered about the world, the knives known as Backstabber’s Delight have turned the tide of more than a few battles and disposed over more than a few kings and princes (as well as a few thugs in back alley brawls).

Benefit: Not the most reliable of magical items, each day a Backstabber’s Delight dagger gets a 1d3 roll to determine how many times the item will perform. In combat (or just before, depending on the situation) the wielder of the Backstabber’s Delight can ‘blink’ as a blink dog and appear right behind an opponent as many times per day as the 1d3 result allows. This magical knife deals 1d6+2 points of damage and if wielded by a thief the backstab ability is enhanced by +20%. All of the abilities stack if more than one of these is in hand during a conflict.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a dagger.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Backstabber’s Delight

  1. eltf177 says:

    Most interesting. And I wonder how local rulers and law enforcement feel when they catch you with one of these in your possession…

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