[New Magic Item] Dwarf Lord’s Battle Horn

Dwarf Lord’s Battle Horn


The sound was thunderous-a great war-horn was winded. Chalk and the other adventurers all turned and saw a small contingent of dwarfs standing with axes drawn and confidently grim smiles on their faces.

“Did we annoy any dwarfs recently?” Koram asked.

“About two adventures ago. Valance cheated at cards in that one inn,” replied Chalk.

“He always cheats at cards!” squeaked Nudge the gnome thief.

Valance shrugged.

“Well, they have something up their sleeves, they look too secure,” commented the Scholar of Wexos.

“Suggestions?” asked Chalk.


Howling for war, the dwarfs rushed forward with a clamor of armor and weapons.


A long curling horn of bone and silver crafted by dwarf smiths ages ago, it is said that the a dispute by two dwarf leaders became extremely bloody when each side had one of these ancient magic items. It is very rare to find a Dwarf Lord’s Battle Horn laying around in a dungeon as dwarfs are quick to snatch these magical horns up and place them in ancestral treasuries.

Benefit: As a Dwarf Lord’s Battle Horn is winded all on the side of the bearer within 40′ of this magic item feel invigorated (gain an additional 1d6 hit points) and receive one extra attack per round. These abilities last for one turn. Any dwarfs affected will also receive a +2 bonus to damage with axes.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Dwarf Lord’s Battle Horn

  1. eltf177 says:

    Somehow I sense a non-dwarf with one of these not keeping it long when dwarves learn about it.

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