[New Magic Item] Capture Parchment

Capture Parchment


In the Two-Headed Giant Inn the dwarf and elf met up with another elf.

“Where’s the gnome?” one elf asked the other.

“Around here somewhere, gathering rumors and tidbits.”

“He is a strange one, sort of gives one the shivers.”

“What are we hunting this time? Orc warlord? Ogre marauders?” grumbled the dwarf.

The seated elf recovered a bit of parchment from a bag. It showed the image of a smiling man.

“A human? That is all!” laughed the dwarf.

“This is Valance, priest of the Spider God, a wily opponent, they say. He was caught cheating at dice with the duke’s son and escaped the guards somehow.”

The standing elf frowned.

“I thought that you would have a challenge for us.”

From the rafters a spider the size of a large rat peered down upon the bounty hunters, watching and listening to everything said, then it turned and scuttled back to its master.


So called ‘Capture Parchment’ was originally called this because of the uncanny accuracy in which this magical paper records an image. At first this was used in books for high end buyers, but in time, as this alchemical wonder became more popular it fell into the hands of bailiffs, judges and others. Now bounty hunters, assassins and other hunters use these magical sheets of paper to assist them in finding their quarry.

Benefit: A sheet of capture parchment (sizes vary by location, but any piece, even a scrap, can be useful) can be used to hold an image of a person, place or thing indefinitely and multiple sheets can hold the same image if need be. The owner of the parchment must have seen this image first hand to command it to appear, but the resemblance will be 90% accurate, although the image is rendered in what appears to be black ink.

Usable by: Anyone.

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