[New Spell] Curse of Opposite Environments

Curse of Opposite Environments

The sorcerer Stork was chatting with a couple of peasants in a ramshackle tavern.

You say you can make one of us live in a world of fire?” one of them asked.

And all I ask is that you retrieve a dagger for me,” Stork replied.

The peasants eyed each other as if contemplating this situation.

Well, nobody in my family has lived in a fire world before,” one of the yokels said.

Nor mine!” added the other.

Stork smiled his shark-toothed grin, this would be easier than he thought.

Curse of Opposite Environments (Cleric/Magic-User)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: A year and a day or until dispelled.

This particularly odious curse causes the victim to save versus spells at -2 or become attuned to an atmosphere/environment unlike their own, such as an air breathing person suddenly requiring aquatic surroundings to stay alive. ‘Opposite’ in this case can mean any environment that is normally not suitable to the target of the curse (such as Fire or Water for the average person). Note that this curse can be used as an advantage in certain circumstances, but is normally uncomfortable to say the least.

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