[New Spell] Awake and Alert

Awake and Alert

Chalk’s eyes snapped open. The wizard grumbled, yet he felt energized.

These Priests of Law and their stupid spells!” he growled.

The wizard got dressed and slipped out of his room at the inn, he saw that everyone else was up and ready for action.

Valance was organizing his spiders, Koram cleaning his sword, Nudge the gnome was sharpening his daggers.

Why do these Priests of Law keep doing this?” Chalk asked.

I think that these are drills, apparently they feel that there will be an attack on the village,” Valance replied.

And why are we still here?”

Because they will probably hunt us down if we leave this village mostly defenseless,” answered Koram.

Oh, yeah. Drat!”

Awake and Alert (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: 40′ per level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast, Awake and Alert causes all sleeping creatures within the radius of the spell to suddenly awaken from their slumber and be ready for action (+1 on all rolls for one hour). Often used to create impromptu militia and alert villages to looming danger, this spell can also be used to get a party of adventurers ready for battle in an instant when monsters attack. Creatures within the radius of Awake and Alert that are already under the effects of the Sleep spell will waken on a result of 5-6 on a 1d6.

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