[New Monster] Mud Giant

Mud Giant

Without warning the quartet of creatures emerged from the bog. Hulking brutes apparently composed of mud. Knat the druidess cast a spell at the things and they froze momentarily.

Chalk mentally went over his spells, trying to think of one to use in a hurry, Koram rushed at one of the things and swung his Crystal Sword at it. The enchanted weapon did no damage. The fighter cursed, picked up a tree branch.

“No!” Knat wailed.

As soon as the blunt weapon struck the massive creature it was suddenly unfrozen.

“I didn’t know!” the fighter shouted.

Chalk cast a spell that caused the mud creatures to dry and crack, as if scorched by an intense heat. Three of the beasts broke free screaming and sank back into the muddy bog while the remaining one slowly melted away.

“We had best move quickly through the bogs, that thing will attack us with a vengeance at the first chance it gets,” Knat said.

Mud Giant

No. Enc.: 1d3 (2d6)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 120′ (40′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 8

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d8 or hurled mudball 2d6+4

Save: F7

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: XXII

X.P.: 450

These bizarre and reclusive giants are most often found in bogs or swamps where they can submerge themselves in water or mud. When attacked these hulking brutes can hurl huge globs of mud up to 30′ at opponents that deal 2d6+4 points of damage. Edged weapons do no damage to mud giants, although blunt weapons that smash into these creatures deal +2 damage. A favorite tactic of these creatures is to ambush opponents and sink back into a bog to attack repeatedly afterward.

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