[New Spell] Dangerous Intellect

Dangerous Intellect

Shorgu the sorceress retrieved a small cat from a pouch at her side. With a heavy sigh she tapped the cat on the head.

Go and fetch those keys for me!” she told the feline. Without hesitation the cat crept over to the half-orc jailer as he slept and teased the keys from his belt and returned to the sorceress.

Quietly Shorgu opened the lock that held her and slipped from the cell. Another quick spell trapped the half-orc in sticky webbing and she quietly dispatched her jailer with a sharp knife retrieved her belongings.

Now to find those rascals that blamed me for their mischief!” she said to herself as she picked up the cat.

As the spell began to fade on the feline the sorceress became a bit nervous, then, sensing that everything was back to normal, she smiled as she and her cat fled the town of Cobble.

Dangerous Intellect (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: Ten minutes per level of caster. (see below)

Usually cast in desperation, Dangerous intellect can be cast upon any living creature (the undead and constructs are unaffected) of at least animal intelligence to grant that creature 1d3+3 points of Intelligence, half points of these come from the caster! The casting wizard gets one free Suggestion (no save) as soon as the spell is cast, which is usually used to urge the creature to do something that will save the caster and/or his/her companions or to cause something important or unexpected to happen. At the end of the spell the creature rolls 1d20, a roll of 20 means that the creature retains all of the Intelligence points that it was granted permanently and the caster loses 1d3 points of Intelligence. A gamble that is risky, but may save the caster’s life from time to time.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Dangerous Intellect

  1. eltf177 says:

    Very useful, but with a distinct drawback that keeps you from using this more often.

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