[New Spell] Under Six Feet

Under Six Feet

Chalk and the others passed through the desolate ruins quiet as shadows. The territory was unfamiliar and strange things had been happening lately.

Moments later the mercenary clawed his way to the surface, disturbing the cold earth.

With a sinister smile the emissary of Stork the sorcerer began trailing the adventurers, looking for weaknesses.


Under Six Feet (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Up to one hour per level of caster.

When cast upon oneself or another Under Six Feet immediately sends the subject six feet underground in a safe cocoon of eldritch power. During this time the affected one need not worry about breathing air, eating or drinking. There is no non-magical sign of this spell on the ground above and when the spell elapses the person the spell was cast upon bursts forth from the ground rejuvenated. This spell is handy from hiding from pillagers and invaders or just avoiding the tax man, or even to slow down an opponent. Non-spellcasters roll 1d20 when they emerge from the ground. A roll of 19-20 means that the person receives a one time random arcane spell of level 1-2, cast as a 4th level magic-user. Willing subjects may leave the ground at any time, unwilling must save versus spells to escape the ground’s cold embrace.

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