[New Spell] Beasts Amok

Beasts Amok

Koram’s shield splintered and the fighter groaned in pain. Something weird and big had slammed into his arm, snarling and growling.

Chalk cast a spell that filled the room with a bright light that seemed to dazzle a handful of saggy-skinned brutes that loped about on all fours, the features a disturbing blend of the crocodilian and the canine.

Valance uttered a prayer to the Spider God just before one of the things knocked him over, spiders scuttling in all directions as he hit the stone floor.

Knat tapped her staff on the ground and the beasts seemed to suddenly not see them for a moment.

Then Valance’s spiders scurried into the room to attack the horrid things that howled in anger and turned their rage on the marauding arachnids.


Beasts Amok (Druid)

Level 5

Range: 15′

Duration: Ten minutes per level of druid.

A druid must have at least 1d6 small live animals to cast this spell, mice, being very small, are commonly used, although newts, frogs and similar creatures are often utilized. When the spell is cast the druid causes these creatures to grow in size and ferocity, becoming 6HD creatures with an AC of 5 and one attack (claw or bite) that deals 1d6+2 points of damage that are under the command of the druid. Regardless of the root creature, the resulting behemoths almost always look like saggy skinned things with milky white eyes that are a cross between a dog and a crocodile. At the end of the spell the creatures revert back to their original form.

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