[New Magic Item] Head Bag

Head Bag

One moment Valance was playing with a strange emerald spider and the next everything went black. Before he knew it, the priest of the Spider God’s head slipped into a course sack, leaving his body to flail.

“You will learn to pay your gambling debts in time, spider-priest!” hissed a familiar voice. Falwin, the elf bounty hunter.

“Now your friends will have to cough up your tab to get your head back!”

Valance groaned quietly.

The elf pinned a note to the robe of the headless body of the priest of the Spider God.


Some time later Koram came over to check on Valance and saw the headless body sitting patiently, hands folded on his lap. A hand pointed roughly towards the note. The fighter winced in horror and reached for the note, read it and gasped.


The sorcerer approached lazily and then gasped., Loram showed him the note.

Well that is not surprising,” the wizard commented with a sigh. “Now we need to round up some gold. Again”

Often used by assassins and kidnappers, a Head Bag is a rather strange magic item that can be used to safely and bloodlessly remove the noggin of a particular target. It is rumored that this odd bags range in appearance from course burlap to smooth silk.

Benefit: Usually used from behind, a Head Bag is a large sack that, when placed over a creature’s head and held tight around the neck for an instant will safely remove that creature’s head into the bag. A successful hit in combat is needed to initiate the magic of this strange item. The head is safely deposited in the bag while the body is left to helplessly move about blindly. When the bag is placed over the body it will safely attach itself. If more than one head is in a Head Bag (no bag may hold more than two heads) then there is a 50% chance of the wrong head being placed onto a body.

Usable by: Anyone.


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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Head Bag

  1. eltf177 says:

    Now this is interesting! I wonder if there’s any penality for being caught with one of these…

    • bat says:

      And can the head still talk? That would be an interesting run-making it through a town on a time limit with a jabbering head in a bag.

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