[New Magic Item] Banner of the Seas

Banner of the Seas

Chalk grabbed Koram by the shoulder and pointed towards the sandy dunes by the Skulking Sea. It was twilight, but a dozen figures could be seen lurching up from the water, one of the creatures was bearing a strange standard, all of the others carried either tridents or scimitars. The closer they got the more fish-like these strange humanoids became.

“What now?” Koram asked.

“I don’t know, but I bet that Valance will like sending some nasty spiders their way,” replied the sorcerer. “And if that strange flag is the source of their ability to be on land, maybe we can use it to sneak into the sea.”

“Why would we want to?”


“Ah! Yes!”

Created ages ago when commerce and trade between creatures of the land and sea was much more common, the Banner of the Seas appears as a faded banner that is a mixture of blues and greens, signifying the meeting of lands and seas. Largely unknown, it is prized by many evil aquatic races that wish to conduct raiding parties on land without suffering the effects of being out of the water.

Benefit: Whenever this magic item is carried onto land by water breathing creatures all aquatic beings within a 30′ radius of the banner may breathe air as if they were in the water. This also works in the same manner for land dwelling creatures enter the underwater world. In addition, all water spells cast by those within a 30′ radius of the Banner of the Seas are doubled in duration and range, the same goes for any air spells cast underwater. Effects of the banner are continuous.

Usable by: Anyone from the seas or land that wishes to venture into the other climate.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Banner of the Seas

  1. Your inventiveness never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing! This is great. Some fanboy gushing

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