[New Magic Item] Crown of Druids

Crown of Druids

Knat closed her eyes and tapped the brass crown on her head. She smirked as if troubled.

“Two come from the North slowly,” she said.

Chalk looked up.

“That is the direction that Koram left in when he went scouting. Be ready, everyone!”

Moments later the fighter appeared with a hooded figure.

“I found her in the woods, fleeing the necromancer,” Koram said.

“Another stray spellcaster?” Nudge the gnome commented as he sharpened his knives and continued whistling.

“Well, normally we would have already lost a thief,” Chalk replied.

Nudge stopped whistling.

These simple magical crowns are sometimes granted to druids after a great deed has been done, such as protecting the grove or stop an invasion by marauders, monster or the undead into small nearby hamlets or villages that work with the druids to maintain a healthy balance with nature. A simple crown of beaten brass and copper, one of these is easily overlooked by the unknowing as lesser treasure.

Benefit: A druid may use the Crown of Druids twice per day. The magic of this crown creates a radius around the druid of 30′ +5′ per level in which the druid can sense all living creatures and what type they are (human, humanoid, lycanthrope, plant, etc) and this ability also extends through wooden walls, although stone walls reduce the radius by one half. No specific details are given about the identity of the living creatures, but their presence and movements are detectable. Lasts for three turns (30 minutes) each use.

Usable by: Druids.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Crown of Druids

  1. Nick Trandahl says:

    Love it. My girlfriend runs a druid PC in my AD&D 2nd Edition campaign. She would really dig this.

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