[New Magic Item] Horn of Diminishing Giants

Horn of Diminishing Giants

The fire giant roared in rage, preparing to charge into the band of adventurers.

Suddenly an elf fighter strolled forward and blew a curled horn of silver as the behemoth lumbered forward.

Before the giant reached the clearing he found that he was now no bigger than a man.

“This cannot be, that horn was only a legend…” the giant began.

The adventurers pounced on the giant before he knew what hit him.

The Horn of Giant Diminishing was thought to have been created by the Gods of Mischief in ancient times when giants were much more prevalent to enrage giants even more than usual. Any giants learning of one of the these magic items in the vicinity often send hordes of smaller creatures out for the horn to destroy or capture it.

Benefit: Once per day the Horn of Diminishing Giants may be winded to cause any creature of the ‘giant’ type to be reduced to 1/3 of its normal size and hit dice and a Strength of 16. This effect lasts for two turns (twenty minutes) and really makes giants mad.

Usable by: Anyone.

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