[New Spell] Encrypt Script

Encrypt Script

Chalk stood before the stone obelisk with a puzzled look on his face.

I don’t understand what has happened, I understood this yesterday, and now I don’t,” the wizard said aloud.

You should have written it down then,” commented Valance.

I didn’t think that carved writing would alter itself from one day to the next, did I?” Chalk replied.

Sky castles, odd deities, weird magic, what couldn’t happen in this world?” the priest of the Spider God asked.

Good point. Now I have to wait to see if this writing changes again, it was a good spell on that obelisk.”

From the shadows a priestess of the Lords of Spite smiled under her hooded cloak as she watched her magic puzzle the wizard.

Encrypt Script (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Touch’

Duration: One day per level of cleric.

When Encrypt Script is cast a priest or cleric may alter a writing, whether in the form of a tome, scroll or even carved script, into a language of the caster’s choice. In some cases this might even be a language that the casting cleric cannot understand themselves, but one which someone else might or might not. This lasts for one day per level of caster before returning back to its original language.

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