[New Spell] Hounded by Sound

Hounded by Sound

‘Hear that?’ Chalk asked.

A strange rumbling became a mixture of animal sounds.

Nudge the gnome appeared in a panic, he seemed surrounded by dozens of loud animal sounds, his voice could not even be heard as the tiny thief darted through the camp, moments later a trio of elves appeared and suddenly stopped.

‘What did he do this time?’ Chalk asked the elves.

‘Tried stealing some knives we had been sharpening,’ one of the elves replied.

‘Again?’ exclaimed Valance. ‘ He will never learn!’

Chalk raised an eyebrow at the priest of the Spider God’s sudden lack of avarice.

‘We will handle the gnome when he returns,’ Chalk assured the elves.

Although irritated, the trio exchanged glances and seemed satisfied.

‘Make the sound stop?’ the wizard asked.

‘ Nah,’ one of the elves said with a smile. ‘ We’ll just let that magic work its way out.’


Hounded by Sound (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 10′ + 5’/level

Duration: One turn per level of druid.

Druids often use this spell to drive enemies away or to cause a panic in wilderness or urban areas. A target is selected and if that target fails a save versus spells at -1 then suddenly animal noises can be heard, all sorts of animals; croaks, howls, barks, and calls of all kinds slowly begin to swirl around the subject, building in volume until the sound is almost maddening. Creatures of lower than 7 Intelligence will automatically run, trying to evade the sound while those with 8+ Intelligence will usually try to cause as little panic as they can with this cacophony surrounding them. All attempts to sneak up on anyone that is not deaf are absolutely impossible when this spell is cast upon the one attempting this feat.

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