[New Spell] Revivify from Unlife

Revivify from Unlife

The wight lord snarled at the adventurers as they advanced. The aged druid seemed unaffected, by the elf looked a little worried, as if he was anticipating something unpleasant.

‘ Defilers of my treasure-tomb, die!’ the creature hissed and rushed forward, the druid was unmoved.

The wight raised its huge mace as the druid reached out and touched the undead thing.

Suddenly the wight’s eyes widened and the creature clawed at the air, it began transforming before their eyes into a creature that breathed air and lived. It looked confused and pathetic. The elf winced as if something was being drawn from him, but the dwarf and man stood stoic.

The formerly undead creature blinked in disbelief.

‘ And now you can enjoy the sun again,’ said the druid.


Revivify from Unlife (Druid)

Level 7

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent.

When cast upon an undead creature this spell causes an amazing transformation; the creature reverts from being undead back to the way it was formerly in life (provided it was at one time alive-otherwise the spell does not work obviously). There is no saving throw (or -2 versus spells for those creatures wishing to cling to their undead status), however there must be enough living creatures around to donate hit points to return the being back to the maximum amount of hit points/hit dice it had in life just before the transition to undeath, the caster does not contribute any hit points to this cause, it is possible to kill other creatures in this process and most druids will make allowances to have enough living creatures nearby not to cause any deaths.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Revivify from Unlife

  1. Pere Ubu says:

    May I just say how glad I am you are still doing these, and how impressed I am you’ve been doing them daily for as long as it’s been. That’s dedication!

  2. eltf177 says:

    This should be a fairly rare spell. And it’s owner can hire himself out to rid areas of powerful undead, an odd sort of pied piper!

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