[New Spell] Mark of the Clover

Mark of the Clover

The three riders came from the strange forest beyond the borders of known lands. All three bore a strange glowing mark on their foreheads. A green four-leafed clover.

Reluctantly the town’s guard raised their weapons to bar the path of these strangers.

‘We have come from the Forest of Whispers to gamble in your dice tournament,’ the first rider said.

Looking at each other the guards seemed a little overwhelmed and relented. The riders entered.

Two knights sitting outside of a tavern began to heckle the roadworn riders as they approached.

A second traveler drew his short bow and put an arrow in the neck of one of the knights.

Dismounting the three strangers entered the tavern as the surviving knight cowed.

Once inside the third traveler walked up to the main gaming table. The clover on his forehead blazed brightly for a moment.

‘I feel lucky today,’ he said with a knowing grin.


Mark of the Clover (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch or Self

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

This druid spell grants one subject one of several abilities for the duration of the spell. The downside? A green 4-leafed clover symbol glows faintly on the forehead of the affected during this time.

  1. +2 in combat to hit OR damage

  2. +1 to all ability rolls OR Armor Class

  3. 1 reroll per two hour period of time

  4. +2 on all rolls pertaining to games of chance

These are just examples and a GM/LL/DM is encouraged to work with their players for other effects that grant similar boons.

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