[New Magic Item] Attuned Candles

Attuned Candles

Nudge the gnome looked a little more suspicious than usual.

‘What are you up to?’ Chalk asked the tiny thief.


The usual reply.

With a nod to the Scholar of Wexos the thief and illusionist disappeared into the night. They returned to the ramshackle inn some time later, laughing, Nudge spread a handkerchief full of various coins onto the shabby wooden table. Valance cocked an eyebrow but said nothing.

‘I don’t know what you two did,’ said Chalk. ‘And I don’t want to, but at least we can eat for a while and nobody will know as long as we lay low.’

Attuned Candles are thought to be remnants of ancient magic, now rare and coveted. As they will renew themselves, these magic items are very much sought after. Also known as Thief’s Light, a single thin candle can fetch hundreds of gold pieces in some magic shops.

Benefit: One drop of blood will bond an Attuned Candle to its owner. The candle must not be touched by anyone else for one day and one night, after that the magical candle is attuned to that person. Once lit, the candle will shed a bright light up to 15′ away that can only be seen by the candle’s owner, everyone else witnesses an unlit candle. As long as the candle does not burn itself out all the way (4 hours of continuous use) then it can be remade, all this takes is eight hours and 1d4 hit points (in the form of shed blood) to renew the enchanted candle. Attuned Candles even pierce magical darkness for the owner.

Usable by: Anyone.

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