[New Magic Item] Armor of the Ruined Realm

Armor of the Ruined Realm

Koram and the gnome thief Nudge were deep in conversation.

‘But it isn’t that heavy!’ Koram said loudly.

‘I am a gnome! I cannot carry human-sized armor!’ whined Nudge.

‘What’s the problem?’ Chalk asked.

‘I am trying to get this little knucklehead to help me acquire a set of magical armor!’ replied Koram hotly.

‘Maybe we can all try to steal this armor…,’ began Chalk.

Suddenly a figure dressed in impressive plate armor appeared from around the corner of the narrow alley. The stranger drew a mighty sword. Suddenly three more knights appeared out of thin air, these also drew swords.

‘This is the armor, right?’ the sorcerer asked.


This set of heavy plate armor was forged ages ago for the prince of a long forgotten land. It is said that a great druid and an enchanter worked together with the armoursmiths to make this legendary suit of armor, which is truly magnificent. It is also rumored that there are many knockoffs out there, made either to emulate or fool those looking for this armor.

Benefit: In addition to weighing only half as much as normal plate armor, the Armor of the Ruined Realm also has the following qualities:

1) Once per day the wearer may root themselves to the earth and may not be knocked down, but may move normally, each step still holding the wearer to the ground.

  1. Twice per day the armor can regenerate 1d4+2 hit points per turn for 4 turns.

  2. Three times per day the armor can be used to Mirror Image as if cast by a 4th level Illusionist.

Copied versions of this armor may have one or two of these qualities and often way only one third less than normal plate armor.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear plate armor.

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6 Responses to [New Magic Item] Armor of the Ruined Realm

  1. eltf177 says:

    I like this, but I really like the idea of counterfit copies existing. Makes one wonder just how many other magic items have been faked…

    This would be a good adventure seed; somebody is flooding the area with fake magic items and the local ruler/nobles/wizards guild wants it stopped. The PC’s are hired to do this. Maybe have it turn out to be something like a wizard thrown out of the wizard’s guild and a deposed noble working with the local thieves guild to get even…

    • bat says:

      Great idea! And there is no reason not to throw a few curses in there too, have a few magic items not act anything like a similar device…

  2. eltf177 says:

    Another adventure seed idea – A local magic shop where everything is either stolen or counterfit. And most of the counterfits are either poor quality (not having all the magic they’re supposed to or weaker magic) or are even cursed. That paladin who did you wrong? Send him here and have him buy something guaranteed to get him into trouble the next time he’s in a tight spot!

  3. First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was interested to find out how you center yourself
    and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had
    a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting
    my ideas out. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first
    10 to 15 minutes are lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any suggestions or hints? Cheers!

    • bat says:

      Thank you for the comment! How I center myself, hmmm, that is a tough one. I just dive in, really. There is no method to my madness other than to look around and see things all over as inspiration. Just do it. It isn’t easy at first, but in time it will become natural.

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