[New Spell] Unshine


The Scholar of Wexos and Valance both snickered as they left the merchant’s quarter.

‘I have to admit, that was good!’ the priest of the Spider God said. ‘That merchant was trying to fleece us and you made everything around him look bleak and terrible!’

‘I didn’t like his tone with us, our silver was good,’ replied the illusionist.

Valance looked at the Scholar of Wexos.

‘Okay, the silver that was actually silver and not charmed copper was indeed, good.’

They both laughed again.


Unshine (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

The Unshine spell is a type of illusionist’s curse. When this spell is cast and a target is touched the subject receives a save versus spells at -2. Failing this, an area is created, 15′ in diameter, with the victim of the spell in the center. Everything within this area loses it’s luster and shine, becoming dull and worn. This reduces the Charisma of the target of the spell by 3 points for the duration of the spell and this magic is especially detrimental to merchants and shopkeepers trying to sell their wares, which will look old, worn, over-ripe, etc.

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