[New Spell] Last Stand

Last Stand

The trio of elves looked down into the gorge and witnessed an ogre marauder tearing into a small hut that was near a swift and cold stream.

One of the elves looked at another and nodded.

‘You want the spell then?’ asked the second elf.

The first elf dropped her shield and drew a slender sword.

Within moments the second elf cast a spell. With a cold smile she narrowed her eyes at the rampaging humanoid and began running down the slope towards the thing.

‘Recklessness abounds in her,’ the third elf said stoically.

‘But a heart that is brave at all costs,’ replied the second.

‘Bravery will not always win the day, she needs to learn subtlety,’ said the third elf.

The ogre raged as the elf attacked, the beast tried to escape minutes later and was finally hacked down.

‘On the other hand,’ the third elf admitted, cracking a smile. ‘We could use an army with that spirit, too.’


Last Stand (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell, once cast, allows for a save versus spells at -1. Some warriors, to prove themselves, purposely ignore the save and accept the consequences of the spell. Either a failed save or willingly accepting the effects of the spell will cause the target to go into their next battle without a shield and unable to Dodge or Parry incoming attacks. There is no retreat or surrender from this conflict. Those that survive gain 1d3 hit points (maximum of 9 may ever be awarded by this spell).

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