[New Spell] Organized and In Order

Organized and In Order

The flustered clerk threw his arms up in the air.

‘I spent all day yesterday putting everything in order and now it is all mixed up again!’ he lamented.

Valance shrugged his shoulders.

‘I will come back tomorrow for the permit then,’ he said.

‘Very well!’


Outside the priest of the Spider God looked at the illusionist and snickered.

‘Another day of selling things before we need a permit?’ the Scholar of Wexos asked.

‘One more day to drum up the money!’


Organized and In Order (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 5′ diameter per level of caster area affected.

Duration: Instantaneous.

The caster causes an area filled with disorganized objects under 5lbs each to become neatly organized in any order the illusionist desires. Commonly used on papers and other documents, this can be used on any small objects to. Reversible, this spell can also be used to scatter objects in the area of effect.

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